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GUIDE to purchasing your Sumapack product:

1. Select the products that interest you (model, color and quantity), add them to the cart and then click "Start purchase".

2. This will lead to the process of "checkout", which is where you must complete your personal data, choose a shipping method and a means of payment.
Once the data is confirmed, the "checkout" is finished when you click on the "Order" button. You will receive an automatic mail from Cloud Store informing you that the purchase process has started.

3. Send us an email with the data or files to personalize your boxes. You can send them in Corel, Adobe Illustrator or JPG to 1 color. We will process your order and send you another mail with the order number and an image of how the engravings would be applied to the box

4. Check the information we send you and verify that everything is as planned. If everything is in order, send a confirmation email to start the order. The production time is 5-7 days.

5. Once the order is finished you will receive a notification that is ready to be withdrawn or an email with the necessary information so that you can track the shipment by the chosen transport company